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Painted Blade Spinnerbaits

Painted Blade Spinnerbaits

Painted Blade spinnerbaits have our Pretender body and frame and are only available in Double/Willow at this time. Skirt color determines blade color. Mustad hooks, silicone skirts and premium blades.

Santone Lures Pretender spinnerbaits are hand-assembled with only the finest quality components available to ensure that every Santone Pretender will perform correctly cast after cast. The Pretender features Spro swivels for smooth blade spin, durable chip resistant painted head with natural reflective eyes, live-action silicone skirt and is backed with a super-sharp Mustad hook. All heads are powder-coated with the finest components on the market.

HOOK SIZE – See "Sizes Available" at right.
SIZES AVAILABLE - 3/8 oz. – 4/0 Mustad ½, ¾, 1 oz. – 5/0 Mustad
WIRE SIZE - 3/8 oz. - .035 R2 ½, ¾, and 1 oz. - .040 R2



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