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S3 Stroker

S3 Stroker

THESE ARE BEING DISCONTINUTED!  ON SALE NOW!  The S3 Stroker package includes (1) Santone S3 Swimbait head and (3) Smash-Tech Stroker Swimbait bodies. Swimbait head color is standard to the color swimbait color you choose. The S3 Swimbait head is the most versatile swimbait head on the market. You have the option of swimming it, fishing it like a stand up shaky head, or stroking it like a jig/spoon. The S3 is built with an oversized Mustad wide-gap hook and an XL spring bait keeper to keep both solid and hollow-bodied plastics in place. The Smash-Tech Swimbaits are hand-poured one at a time using premium plastic. The 5.75" Stroker includes a hook slot in the belly and has incredible action that sets it apart from other plastics.

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